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Hiring A Security Company

What to Look for When Hiring A Security Company To Protect Your Business?

You have decided to hire a security company to protect your business, but what now?

What quality are you looking for in your company? What question would you ask? How do you differentiate between one company and another?

The small business also needs further advice from a known professional, founder and president of a security provider in San Francisco. He advises small business owners to consider these six topics, and each topic is in the form of a question:

Ask these questions before you hire a security guard

Is this security company local or national?

The professional suggested that the company take over the state security company, which is itself a small business.

He said, “Small businesses can serve you better than local security agencies.” “For them, you just drop in the bucket. A small company will take care of you and treat you well. You will have your boss’s phone number, not a call center. “

How does the company view customer service as an adjustment?

He said you want to find an unarmed guard company that puts customer service first.

“Security is definitely a digital goal but customer service is equally important,” he said. “If the company you are coming to does not make it a priority, please do not hire them.”

Is safety a major concern of the company?

He also said you want to know whether safety is just a business venture, or whether it is an additional function for other tasks, such as cleaning, parking, or landscaping. It is recommended to take a professional company in the type of security you want.

“You must look at the events before hiring a security company,” he said. “However, security personnel must be checked at first for immediate services. If it is a warehouse security, please find a company with extensive experience in this area.”

Does the company offer uniform options?

The professional asked: “Does the security provider in Sacramento you are considering offer different uniform options for the service?”

It lists options such as police uniforms, polo shirts, T-shirts, suits and ties, and casual clothing.

“Even if the company is offering one uniform at a time, you must go for it.”

Is your company’s reputation right for us to hire you?

Google can easily determine the name of the company (complaints are usually the first ones to appear), but do not limit your search to article search. Check out announcements and reviews on sites like Yelp, as well as links to social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, please see the announcement of the Agency’s Better Business Bureau.

Another idea: Ask the company for customer feedback and ask them to find out if they are satisfied with the work they have done.

Kuhn also suggested understanding the feelings of the company’s employees for working there.

“It can be hard to find out,” he said, “but by meeting company representatives, you can understand their behavior.”

Is the company ready to meet your needs?

“The company will work according to your schedule, especially if it involves different times,” Kuhn asked. “If he is not willing to accept you, he is not looking for your business.”

He also suggested asking whether the company was willing to provide security for a shorter period of time – for example, during the holidays – or whether it wanted to enter into a longer contract. Kuhn said the change is better.

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