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what can a security guard carry

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Carry?

Although security guard companies are there to protect us,  they are sometimes prohibited from carrying weapons. But in that instance, what must they carry to  protect their clients? 

In this article, we will examine some of the crucial things an unarmed guard must carry.

1. Bulletproof Vest 

bulletproof vest for security officials

You have to deal with risky aspects of the job when you are a security guard. That means that you have to be prepared for anything. And by anything, we also mean bullets. In that instance, a security guard must wear a bulletproof vest.  

Whether you are a security guard or a military professional, wearing a bulletproof vest is important. It is because it will also keep you safe from any kind of bullet attack or shrapnel. 

If you are at risk of being fired, having a bulletproof vest becomes an absolute necessity. You can protect your organ from gunshots and shrapnel damage by wearing one. 

2. Digital Camera 

body camera for security guard

Another thing that you must carry being a security guard is a digital camera. However, you need to make sure that your security camera is the one that provides you with video capabilities. 

As a security guard, your company would want you to carry a camera to tape any event or scenario that you need to testify for in court. Apart from that, if you happen to be at a crime scene, you can take evidence to help the police afterward.

3. Security Guard Belt

security guard belt

Every professional guard must carry a security guard belt with them. Whether you are an armed or unarmed guard, you must have a security belt. This belt will help you to stay organized and will keep everything together for you. 

When a security guard is in a hurry, the last thing he or she wants to do is fumble around for a flashlight or pepper spray. So extra sections that slide or clip onto belts are typically added so that extra pieces of equipment can be attached.

4. Taser

taser for security guards

Another form of non-lethal weapon that security officers may use is a taser. Once again, training is essential, and you must ensure that its use is legal. 

Assuming a guard is authorized to use a taser, these devices can be excellent deterrents to an attack. The intruder can be as close as 15 feet away for these to work. 

The electric shock subdues and incapacitates without causing significant bodily injury. Having said that, tasers should be used with caution.

5. First-Aid Kit

first aid kit for security officials

This might seem unreasonable, but it’s really important. Accidents can happen all the time, and for that, a security guard services provider must be ready at all times. And in case there is a burglary or any other crime, there is a chance that someone can get hurt. 

For that, the security guard must be ready. They should have a first aid kit in their hand. This will help them in treating minor or major injustices at work. 

Passers-by may approach you and ask for your assistance as well. You’re well-known and hold a position of authority. They anticipate that you will be able to assist them with their first-aid requirements! Having a little first-aid kit available will help you quickly fix their issues and get them back to work.

6. Pepper Spray 

pepper spray

Believe it or not, pepper spray can do wonders to trap someone. Pepper spray is a highly effective non-lethal method for easily repelling and subduing an intruder. This spray can solve a potentially crucial problem in seconds when applied appropriately. 

Unfortunately, when directed at an intruder’s eyes and face, the concentrated capsaicin causes severe pain, a burning sensation, and, on rare occasions, temporary blindness.

7. Smartphone 

security guard with a smartphone

Smartphones are necessary for everyone. But it becomes more important when you are a security guard provider. Because you must always remain connected to your security company, security services providers cannot attack back or control any unforeseen event since they will be unarmed. 

That’s why they must have something on their hand to report or communicate any issue to the police. 

You can use a smartphone with a camera to capture the environment, suspicious individuals, or evidence of a crime. Video footage can be highly useful when it comes to documenting a dispute. Furthermore, a smartphone makes it simple to contact the police, fire department, or medical personnel in an emergency.

8. Security Guard Baton 

security guard with a baton

Security guards also utilize batons as vital pieces of protective equipment. But, more importantly, they are a weapon that can protect the property even if it is not used. Simply having one visible in your belt will usually suffice to keep things under control. People know that pulling this weapon out will certainly result in considerable damage. 

However, most countries would require you to attend a specialized baton handling training course before you could properly carry one while on the job. In addition, certain employers may need you to complete this training before being hired.

9. Flashlight

security guard using a flashlight on stairways

Lastly, a security guard provider must also carry a flashlight. A security guard will carry this very important equipment on this belt. It is because it will help them to protect agents and intruders, and other criminals. Moreover, it will also eliminate poorly lit parking lots. The flashlight used by a security guard should be strong and resistant to being dropped. Flashlights are essential for guards who work all day and night hours. Guards on day shifts can use flashlights in darker rooms or situations.


Providing security is a risky task. Security guards are always in danger and risk their lives to save someone else. For that, they must have something that can protect themselves and others. 

Armed guards carry firearms or gum with them. But that’s not the case with unarmed guards. 

That’s why they must improvise and save themselves from possible threats and dangerous situations by carrying the things mentioned in the guide above. Aside from the equipment, the security guards’ training and expertise allow them to navigate any challenging situation. Their capacity to judge and act quickly makes them an ideal security solution.

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