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What One Should Do When Your Security System is Compromised?

Today’s crime rate is higher than ever, and many of us rely on safety security agencies to prevent safety problems such as fires, floods, and theft, not only at home, but also at home.

However, the question is, what happens if the security system is compromised despite the work of the security company? Can the company be sued?

Take an example.

The decision that the court must make is whether the security agency has any negligence or how it handled the situation.

If in fact they are neglected, then the court will decide whether the insurance policy of the security company or an armed guard can protect them from any liability.

 Here is part of the case:

“It’s kind of weird that, because the word” not sausage “comes from the rhyming slang Cockney” sausage and mashed potatoes “, which means” money “, what they removed from the meat was not sausage, but big money. “

Security agencies protect you from criminals through their monitoring work and response to emergencies. What rights do you have when they are not offered a job?

Examples of High Court cases:

One night, the thief crawled out of the attic and ran to the stable.

They removed the two covers with the help of a sewing machine and made a lot of money.

The security department works in the slaughterhouse to investigate, respond to, respond to emergency and care services.

According to a police officer assigned to the crime scene, after a “quick 2.5 minute investigation”, everything was normal “as long as he saw it”.

He also said that he put paper under the door of the barn, telling what happened and the fact that nothing was damaged and everything was fine.

Apparently the problem was that the entrances from the roof of the building could not be seen from the street, and the security guards could not enter the hut because they did not make contact with the first manager who was arrested. Her phone is dead.

In addition, the security company did not attempt to contact the store owner who was the second key holder.

The reason is that the shop owner has made it clear that he will only be contacted in the event of an accident.

However, the shop owner refused to give such instructions, so the court upheld this as evidence.

The robbers were not the cause of the crime, and the body sued the insurance company for compensation.

Items to be considered and phrases excluded:

The court said the security services were careful with the contract.

In addition, he tried to escape legal charges by relying on two stops.

If a customer is unable to provide evidence of negligence or failure to perform his or her duties, Article 1 excludes any costs.

In contrast, the second sentence is general, avoiding debt by leaving the security company at “any compensation for any loss, no matter what happens.”

Therefore, out of misery in the contract, the court upheld Article 1 and asked the insurance company to take any damages that the landlord may show because it has been shown that the insurance company is negligent. 

Advice for security companies:

As a service company like security company in the Bay area, it is very important to avoid unsolicited advertisements. In addition, if the service fails, the legal consequences may not change.

So, as a first step, review your client’s contract with the help of your solicitor, and make sure there are any release phrases that might be compelling.

Please also note that vague statements in general can be difficult to enforce in court, especially when it comes to Consumer Protection or Public Accounts, or when it is being considered integrity “and” public policy. “

Customer safety regulations require a reasonable and accurate procedure. In addition, simple language should be used by the unarmed guards to enable customers to better understand boldness and anything.

The second step, to avoid consequences, please abide by your agreement. If it says something specific, such as contacting a holder of a second key and if you are unable to contact the first key holder, please try to follow these instructions.

If the customer gives any instructions contrary to the contract, please make sure you have proof to prove it.

With the help of your solicitor, this can be put into the contract itself.

The third step is to make sure your emergency response is not overlooked.

In the wake of the above-mentioned theft, the court lacked the sympathy and “quick attention” of the appointed officials.

In addition, at the time of the trial, there was a lengthy debate about the response of a government official and whether he would work hard to inspect the building, perhaps by some other means.

Advice to the clients:

As the above statements show, liberation phrases are often controversial, and it is not wise to assume that it passes well based on this alone.

As long as it is legally recognized, the right of insurance companies to protect themselves from debt is legal.

However, if a thief or security breach is stolen and your insurance company does not live up to its promise, then make sure you contact your solicitor immediately, you can only get legal aid and bills.

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