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Crime in San Francisco

Crime and Threats For Local and Tourist in San Francisco

Most people who are willing to visit San Francisco or are already in that location are willing to enjoy their life. But they are not well aware of the environment of that area crime, the ground realities are quite different. As this is a highly crowded area so the things happening here are much more than in other areas.

Big areas have big issues which need to be controlled by the concerned authority. But those kinds of issues are not good for the locals and the tourists. Which means not a good area for the enjoyment purpose. Because enjoyment can only be possible when having no stress.

The stress-related to some things could happen means no enjoyment only feel fear. So, in San Francisco listed crimes are on top which we are going to discuss here. Those crimes need to be addressed with a more expert team to make this place more peaceful.

1. High crime records

On daily basis in San Francisco crime-recording rate is too high which means that the environment is not good. If things are not going well that is the alarm for the security systems and authorities. The law-and-order situation is the key of every state which can make it better for living and worst for living.

2. Illegal shows

Illegal shows and concerts are in the trend in that location which means no security and no permission from authorities. If the people do all things on themself so definitely a risk of security and crime will increase automatically. More freedom and no control over the public means making them out of control which is horrible for every state.

3. Killing incidents

In that particular location, the targeted killing and the random killing against money are normal. That is quite horrible for the local and foreigners’ visitors. The rate of killing is not much higher than other crimes but killing doesn’t leave anything behind. For the relatives, friends, and family it becomes a nightmare for a lifetime. 

4. Teenager wrong associations

The wrong associations of the teenagers with the different gangs push them towards a bad and unhealthy life. The adultery things are normal for them which is not so well for the family and personal reputation. Further many other bad activities are normal with the teenagers in that location.

5. Drugs spreading

The drugs dealing and usage is a very bad curse for any nation but that thing is nearby in trend. The usage of drugs is not good for the new and old generations. but due to several issues quite low focus by the authorities. The mafias are getting stronger day by day because of no proper handling for them.

6. Robberies

The robberies are common there no matter who is doing it but ultimately locals and foreigners compromising because of it. A high level of general threats makes locations very serious for traveling and enjoyment. In those places going with the family is near to impossible because of the high risk.

7. Kidnapping

In that location where crime and threat are normal so the kidnapping also so normal there. The normal target belongs to high profile people or foreigners which means a high risk of security. As the kidnapping belongs to the three things, life, time, and money. Being a foreigner, it becomes a big issue if need to face that kind of issue.

8. Snatching

Snatching anything precious or the normal wallet is the same because no buddy knows for which person what is important. The loss of important documents and money is a big shock for the locals as well as the tourists. But that kind of street crime is not good for any location in any city or in-country.

9. Road fighting

Due to the high crime rate and reactive people the road fighting on any dispute or issue normally. For the locals and for the foreigners, this thing matters a lot if they are not willing to fight back. The security levels are not much up to the mark for the people who are living there. The situation becomes horrible for normal people.

10. Abuse of children

The different kinds of abusing of the children record there because of crowded locations and fewer forces. Everywhere in the world, some people are good and some are bad, bad is less reactive when good people are reactive. But when the opposite side becomes reactive so any kind of worse can be possible as the childhood abuse.

11. Vehicle stolen

Vehicle stolen is the normal thing in there, many of the records of the case on the daily basis in the police station. When the crime is on its top and the law-and-order control is not up to the mark. So, the criminals become more confident because they are not captured by the police as much as they are stolen vehicles. 

12. Burglary

Like many other cases, burglary is a common and normal practice there. As the working forces and security authorities are fully occupied in big crimes so small crimes are not mostly focused on. That is why the number of that crime is much higher as they are on less priority for them in handling list.

13. Wall chalking

The wall chalking and area marking are very normal in between gangs which is quite horrible for the unknown visitors. Much other threat to normal people there, most of them faced physical violence by them. The area marking by the gangs is too much dangerous for foreigners.

14. Gang wars

As gang wars are normal there, so to control them, need to hire some external Security providers in San Francisco. Because the existing forces team is not enough to control the whole area and its matters. For that need special experts force to handle multiple issues with them.

15. Drunk Cases

Further increasing the number of different crime scenes after drinking alcohol is another big matter at the bay location. So, to handle it in a proper manner, you need an armed security guard. As they can immediately handle the unpleasant situations before it getting worse.

16. Crime Control

The crime control can only be possible with the Security guards. Otherwise, that all areas will remain in fear and can’t go outside to enjoy daily routine life. The higher the control by the guards the higher the relaxation and trust of people on the state.

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