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American Forever Security offers the best security service in Fresno. Our loyal, courageous, professional & trustworthy security guards with huge amounts of talent are part of the American Forever Security company in Fresno . We offer the best quality & the prices are cheap for the clients. The level of security guards is quite high and the bar is set high. AFS takes full guarantee of the security provided with the services of security being highly professional.
Utilization of modern equipment is the key point of our security services.

We provide full security to your loved ones and for the ones you care about the most. We target to provide you full security with the quality being at the top.

Experience & Quality For You

American Forever Security aims to become the provider of security and safety on the top-ranked level. The security guards are highly talented and enthusiastic. The Security company in Fresco possesses the quality services of unarmed guards, armed guards, fire watch guards, foot patrol, vehicle patrol, event security & standing guards.

Management hired and working possesses more than twenty years of experience. Training levels set are above the bar of many professional training grounds around the world.

You can hire the security guards of our Fresno security company in the areas of your choice including Hospitals, hotels, parks, houses, stations, and industries also. Anywhere you feel unsafe, you can avail of our service.

Fresno Security Services – 100% Reputation

You are provided with the licensed security guards who are professional and intelligent also. The State of California’s Bureau of Security & Investigative Services – (BSIS) has issued the license to our security guards.
With the provision of security and safety. Our guards are also capable of providing CPR, First aid and are allowed to arrest any threat.

Baton and pepper spray are also part of our services. Moreover, punctuality will not be an issue for the customers since the guards are highly punctual. The modern technology utilized and the amount of training provided are for the purpose of fighting against any crime and terrorist attacks. The GPS system of modern technology is also part of state-of-the-art technology equipped by our security guards to control and navigate each movement during the provision of services.

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Security service in Fresco which is AFS possesses proper insurance and guarantees you proper security. The state requirement is under our main aim but we work further than the requirement to ensure proper security services in the city of Fresco.
AFS is part of the Chamber of Commerce as well as the main Licensed Security Agencies. The information of yours or anyone who gets in contact with us receives a guarantee of the information to be confidential with you and our services.

If you require our services and feel the need for any security. Then do contact us at any level or place.

Why American forever security

We are not like other Security Service Company, The reason being is that we carter our client needs and services.

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