One of the most difficult tasks for any manager or security company owner is to find qualified security guards. We all know that it is easy to find a hot body, but taking security personnel who will not upset your customers or get you a 30 day termination letter is even more tedious. So, as a security manager looking to bring in experts, what can you do? Well, just like your employees should consider W (who, what, when, where, why and so on) when writing the story, you should consider your W when taking safety.

Who to hire for the security service?

Candidates with a clear criminal background: 

While background checks can be costly, in many states it is a requirement to obtain a worker’s license, so do not consider them in any way. Millions of dollars settlement for companies using security breeders.

Candidates with good social skills: 

Be sure to check the relationship between your guard and your staff on the day of the interview. Are they happy? Are they smiling? Are they clean and professional? Remember, these services will represent you and your customers at any given level. You do not thank your customers for being rude or unemployed on Monday mornings.

Candidates that have writing capability: 

As we all know, a well written report is very important to make a good impression on the clients. So, make sure your candidate has good writing skills by giving them a short essay test. I use a similar image to the right and tell prospective buyers to write down what they see in less than 200 words. 

Candidates that pass medical examination: 

This is self-explanatory. Whether a 7-panel or a 10-panel medical exam, make sure you test each employee randomly before and when a trained armed guard takes a job.

Where to get the best security service?

Security Training School: 

If you have your own training school and have a large number of trained security guards, you are benefiting from having a large number of graduates. If you do not have a training school or train many guards, then you will work in one or two security training schools. They can get you better students, which can help you get the kind of security you need. The relationship goes two-way, as it also allows schools to boast of their ability to get students into employment.

Your Website: 

If you do not have a way for users to submit your resume to your website, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Your website can be collected quickly and restarted 24/7.

On your social media channels: 

There are various ways to use ads to help find people seeking protection with event guards. My favorite is to create a social media account dedicated to employing security guards. On your application page, tell potential suitors to follow along so you can be notified.

When to hire a security guard?

All Time: 

Of all the lessons I learned by joining, the most influential part of my meeting was learning when to look for attendees. If you are in charge of hiring security guard service, I’m sure at some point in your career, hiring you is a problem because you need someone right away. Often, these users do not and eventually lose you. After doing it a few times, I started what I call an ongoing interview program. This means that our organization is constantly being interviewed. 

We continue to interview even though we do not have the opportunity. As a result of ongoing interviews, we are able to identify potential candidates long before we seek them out. As a result, we find that we can bring in qualified guards when needed. After all, we can also reduce conversions because we hire the type of people we want.

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